In What Way Can Protect Your Hair in Summer?

Perhaps, summer often brings a lot of fun for us because of the interesting holiday, the enjoyable traveling, or the happy bathing in the sea. And then, all are the big challenge for our hair. Your hair can get dry and sunburn; even, your colored hair may also be damaged. Accordingly, the essential problem is to help protect your hair from the sunlight. Summer – the season of the pool parties, you’d like to make sure that your hair will be kept moisture and can avoid UV rays in order to be ready for an eventful summer.

Wearing sunhat

Wearing sunhat

In summer or the hot days, a wide-brimmed hat to cover a whole your scalp will be ideal. You not only protect your hair from the sunlight but also create an individual style for yourself. By wearing a big floppy hat, sunhat, bowler, or baseball cap, you will be able to keep your hair from the sunlight all day.

Caring the hair from the UV rays

To keep your locks both protected and hydrated, you are able to try a leave-in conditioner or detangler. In case your time is limited, a product to protect your hair from the UV rays will be the most suitable selection, Madison Reed’s own shampoo and conditioner, for example.

Make DIY sunscreen for hair

You don’t find the desired product for your hair, do you? Instead of using the available products on the market, you want to utilize the natural product to care and protect your hair from the sunlight. It is difficult to make the DIY sunscreen for your hair. Let’s see!


  •  Coconut oil ~ 1 oz – with the natural SPF nature
  • Vitamin E oil ~ 0.1 oz – the effect of the protection your hair from the sunlight
  • Shea butter ~ 0.8 oz – protection and hydrate for the scalp
  • Jojoba oil ~ 0.1 oz – a natural oil kind
  • The powder of zinc oxide – using the proper amount:

+ Using 5 percent zinc oxide for SPF 2-5
+ Using 10 percent zinc oxide for SPF 6-11
+ Using 15 percent zinc oxide for SPF 12-9
+ Using 20 percent zinc oxide for SPF over 20


You mix all above ingredients and place in a clean bottle, spray bottle, or glass jar. Everything can end up over 2 oz, so it makes sure that your containers are enough to contain them.

Keep the chlorine

Caring the hair

It can say that there are many people go to the pool in summer. It means that your scalp will be able to contact the chlorine. Occasionally, your hair may be changed color. Correspondingly, to prevent the chlorine stick to your hair, you can follow some of the steps:

#1. After wetting the hair while showering, you use a toothed comb to brush and squeeze the excessive water out.

#2. The next, you utilize an amount of nourishing color enhancing conditioner from your scalp to ends.

#3. The last one, let’s tie the hair up and soak in

With the conditioner, your hair not only is protected from chlorine but also will not be turned into green when dipping in the pool. It is noticed that the UV rays cannot damage your hair. So good!

Stop using the heat styling

There is the best way in order to take care the hair in summer. You can stop using the heat styling at a time, in particular, the hair straightener, the curler, or the blow dryer. This one will help your hair minimize split ends.

You just need to follow the information above. It makes sure that you will be able to protect your hair from the sunlight and enjoy a wonderful summer.


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