Tips for Using the Comb and Clippers Properly

If you want to become one of the leading hair stylists, you constantly have to be one of those who uses the best strategy and trimmer. These are two items that are too familiar and frequently used as a haircut. Function brush comb, hair styling, while the trimmer is an effective tool to cut hair in a quick manner possible. For those who have no education or less grip so use it properly, suitability, most convenient for the hair cut is a difficult thing.

I. Introduction:

Trimmer divided into two categories: hand trimmer and trimmer power squeeze. Electric trimmer includes electricity use directly, trimmer rechargeable batteries, and battery trimmer.

Using the Comb and Clippers ProperlyII. Squeeze The Hand Trimmer

Made up of two teeth, upper and lower, pointed and sharp to cut hair.

Two-line as each party has to spleen fingers, a hood two teeth, a dragonfly wing screws (or circular) to increase or decrease the pressure of 2 teeth grinding, a spring inside or outside to the more highly elastic contraction when the trimmer.

III. Direct Electric Trimmer

Two consists of upper and lower teeth but no more squeeze. Activities by an electromagnet to the two functions grind together. Diet can increase hair reduction thanks to orthodontics and a screw to increase or decrease the vibration (capacity).

IV. Rechargeable Trimmer

Use rechargeable batteries. Trimmer works with an electric motor to create the motion for teeth. The teeth may be made of metal or plastic (for children) Some types of food are not adjustable hair. Charging time and operating time, depending on the quality of each type.

Battery Trimmer

Method works just trimmer rechargeable battery but uses AA batteries FOR. Maintenance

Regularly clean the toilet and not to Trimmer dirty, lubricate oiler

VII. Grip And Trimmer Comb

Hold your finger comb with 3: thumb, forefinger, and middle finger comb help rotate easily. Note, only rotating finger comb, comb does not rotate with both hands. Can practice how to handle comb rotation by flipping back and forth on his thigh. Place the trimmer blade and parallel strategy, not lovely to comb trimmer blades. Nor backs away trimmer blade comb surface.

The strategic direction of the chin can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When the jaw in any direction also slightly tilted slightly from the surface of the first to not cut.

For Safety When Using Cardboard-Stiff Hair Cut Electricity

Hair Cut Electricity

The current electric trimmer is the barbershop used pretty much for convenience. However, because the market there is quite a variety of poor quality, high insulation should not risk electrocution is worrying.

It’s scary when current leaks exposed again at the beginning and then passed by the body or the chair of iron become closed-circuit ground. We would like to introduce safe handling expect the barbershop has used cardboard-electric trimmer interest.

With regard to domestic cardboard-stiff Japan, US: 100 V or Electric Standing 115 V, a capacity of 50 W to 70 W . We should not buy the type converter transformer accidental self 100V socket or pin into / 115V of the voltage regulator is on the market because that would not be safe to buy isolation transformer box for the Japanese domestic television. This type is available in switches, sockets on the body style box and chooses to buy 19 inches for television from 21 inches to full capacity.

Concrete-type electric trimmer 220V: power consumption as well as in the preceding, we should ask the repair shop as an electrical winding isolation transformer box …

The cost to purchase or to order isolation transformer box up only about 10 dollars, power consumption is also rising more cardboard-stiff by the time the operation is very short, but the benefits which can be brought safety for both workers and customers.

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